LST Customizes Law Tutoring for Law Students

LST provides customized law school tutoring and seminars by catering its tutoring services and seminars toward each individual law school student and also toward their individual class topics, as taught by their professors. LST provides these services by reviewing students’ class syllabi, customizing law school examinations, and providing customized academic counseling for exam-based courses as well as legal writing courses.

LST Provides Quality Detailed Feedback on Law School Exams

LST provides assistance and feedback to law school students, beyond what students receive from their own law school professors, and other various teachers’ aides and assistants.

LST Catches Incorrect Rule Statements, Improper Analysis & Missed Issues

LST has established a reputation for spotting and correcting law school students’ errors, misperceptions, and assumptions prior to taking their own professors’ examinations in law school and prior to receiving grades on their legal writing assignments.

LST Provides Rigorous Testing & Law School Exams Held to Law School Standards

LST challenges its law school students through rigorous testing and lengthy examinations in order to appropriately prepare them for their law school examinations. Through LST’s practice exams, LST assists law school students on issue-spotting, developing rules, and improving legal analysis in students’ law school exam answers.

LST Helps With 1L Grades Which Mean the Most – Getting the Best Job After Law School

First year grades not only determine law students’ eligibility for Law Review and other academic honors, they also dictate what job opportunities are available to law school graduates. The most selective legal employers recruit law students at the beginning of their second year, and they often only interview law students who finished at the top of their 1L class.

LST Provides Free Assistance to Prepare for Law School

LST – Law School Tutor provides free assistance to law school students on Facebook, including law school examination tips, legal research and writing tips, and study tips, and also makes every attempt to be available to answer law school students’ questions by email and by phone, even if these students have not signed up for law school tutoring.

LST – Law School Tutor provides free assistance to individuals who are considering law school, by making every attempt to be available to answer questions, including but not limited to the following issues: deciding on the best law school, trends regarding grading curves, law journals such as Law Review, trends in scholarship retention, opportunities to transfer to other law schools, what to weigh when considering admission into top law schools, considerations when hiring a private one-on-one law tutor or online law tutor, and students’ concerns voiced to LST regarding their own school’s handling of student issues, dismissals and retention of students.

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