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Christina Ignatius is The Most Well-Known, and Requested Top Law Tutor in The Nation

Christina Ignatius is the most well-known, most respected, and most requested law tutor in the nation. She is the top law tutor who helps law students succeed in law school. Below are a few reasons why everyone hires her:

Christina Ignatius’ Awards & Success in Law School

Christina was one of those law students who actually did well their first semester of their 1L year. She knew what was important and what was not!

She then got onto the prestigious law journal called Law Review, which is only allotted to students who have a high-rank and GPA. She is also the recipient of 2 CALI Awards (AmJur Award and Witkin Award equivalent) and she received the highest grades in Legal Research & Writing and Pre-Trial Practice. Christina also received very high grades in other classes including Torts and Contracts and, as a result, she was very close to receiving additional awards for those classes (CALI, AmJur, and Witkin). Because of her success in law school, she received an academic scholarship.

During law school, Christina Ignatius also demonstrated the strongest pre-trial practice, negotiation and mediation skills, including drafting complaints, answers and discovery, deposing witnesses, preparing correspondence to opposing counsel, writing motions and arguing motions.

Christina is well-known among her peers and even accomplished lawyers for her drive. The most notable demonstration of her drive during law school occurred when she decided to do something that no other student had done. She requested to add more work to her already demanding law school schedule – a feat that made her stand out among all of her classmates. As a result, she was the first 1L student to add a 2L/3L class (Evidence) to their schedule due to academic achievements. Although it was a risky move because she could have jeopardized her ranking and GPA, she was still able to achieve her goals to be at the top of her class.

Christina was also known for being extremely involved on campus. She became a Student Ambassador because she was selected by the Dean of Admissions as a representative for honored guests. She was also selected to join Phi Delta Phi (an honor society), based on her academic achievements.

Christina Ignatius Passed the Hardest Bar Exam on Her First Attempt

After law school, Christina immediately took the California bar exam, which is the most difficult bar exam in the nation and is known to only pass about 40% of law graduates who attempt the exam.

The bar exam is arguably also the most difficult exam among exams given to professionals, including medical exams for those becoming doctors. Christina took the exam with ease, and now uses her skills to help law graduates also pass the bar exam. Christina does not need to be physically present in order to be useful to students. Her instruction and heavy feedback during online tutoring has had more impact on law students raising their grades and passing exams than other tutors who merely provide soft-grading and some general in-person instruction. She is now considered a bar exam expert, and her students prefer online tutoring with her.

Christina Ignatius’ Success After Law School – a Top Litigator with Impeccable Skills

After law school, Christina worked at a BigLaw firm, where she established a phenomenal reputation for her work. Partners and associates quickly noticed her ability to handle complex issues and master the art of litigation – a process that has many deadlines, requires a lot of strategy, and demands a refined skill set that is reviewed by highly educated elite lawyers and judges. Many colleagues often refer to her as the best lawyer they have met – an individual who exercises extreme wisdom and knowledge in the practice of law.

To individuals who know her, they are not surprised by her goals nor her drive to be the best litigator. Her experience includes working with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. As a result, Christina often uses her experience with high-stakes litigation and provides guidance on multi-million dollar lawsuits.

Christina Ignatius is the “Big Little Secret” to Law Students Nationwide

The same drive that pushed Christina to do well in everything also drove her to use her savvy legal skills to start a business.

Christina saw a huge need on campus for more educational attention to be given to law students in order for them to succeed. Shortly after law school, she began tutoring while she was also handling a 40+ million dollar lawsuit that went to trial. The students who were tutoring under her guidance began receiving As and 4.0s – extremely rare grades, given that law schools typically grade on a harsh curve.

As students began to talk about their source for high grades, their classmates quickly rushed to contact Christina for help. Christina then became known as the “big little secret” because she was a huge asset and a lot of students wanted to keep their asset to themselves.

Her savvy business prowess prompted her to reach out to students who had not yet heard about her skills. As a result of her business skills and word-of-mouth through her students, her client base quickly expanded to neighboring cities and then to various states. Christina tutors students at every law school, including the best law schools in the nation. She has visited over 100 law schools in various states across the nation. She also advises students when considering which top law school they should attend.

Christina Ignatius is Adored by Her Law Students

Have you ever had a teacher or professor who made a huge impact on your life? Not only does she educate them, Christina is one of those individuals who consistently makes an impression on her students. Her students make it a point to make sure she is their friend. Sometimes they will show up with the most amazing gifts for her as a thank you for all of her help and patience. They share their life events with her, including birthdays, weddings, and the birth of their children. And some of them even take her on vacation with them. Yes, they love her and we do too! Christina Ignatius is considered a law school expert.

Meet Christina Ignatius While She is On Tour

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