Try to meet people during your law school orientation. A lot of times you can make friends during orientation that help you though those first few weeks of the semester. Try to hang out with people from your section, because those will be the folks you spend the most time with during the semester.

If you are introverted, go to events with a friend, or even a new friend. You may feel that it is easier to enter a crowded room with someone, as long as you do not use them as a crutch during the entire event.

Do not get drawn into joining extra-curricular activities on your first day. You do not need to spend all of that time on other things until you get settled in and have a grasp of your classes. If you want good outlines, figure out which group has those and join it, but do not feel pressured to go to the meetings.

Do not be surprised if your law school campus imitates high school. Often times, students have lockers, cliques, and they even gossip!

Be sure to spend as much time as possible socializing and meeting people. But law school is the time to buckle down and not spend a lot of time partying, drinking, or otherwise ruining your valuable daily hours. Be ready to start seriously working on day one of the first semester. No extended orientations. You can insert fun here and there, sparingly, later on in the semester when you are settled into your classes.

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