If your goals are to turn in the best exam for law school, you found the right page. A top essay exam answer contains the following information and structure:

(1) The law exam answers the call of the question.

(2) It contains all of the issues that were triggered from the law school fact pattern.

(3) Conversely, it does not contain issues that were not triggered in the essay fact pattern.

(4) The exam was completely answered during the exam period, which is typically 3 hours.

(5) It concludes confidently when the issue could only have been concluded in that manner and it concludes in a more vague way when the issue had facts that were more equally weighed on both sides. Here are examples: “thus, the defendant is liable for” or “thus, the court may conclude” or “the court is likely to conclude.”

(6) The exam is short and concise, without any repetition or rambling.

(7) The law exam answer is clearly written so that the reader can easily understand it, and follows an IRAC format or a format that the professor wants to see on an exam.

(8) The student wrote complete rules that contain all of the elements of the rule. And the student included sub-rules only when very specific facts triggered those separate sub-rules.

(9) The student included headers for easy reading.

(10) The student avoided spelling errors.

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