Were you dismissed from law school? Most law schools expel students due to low grades or a low cumulative GPA, after the students have been placed on academic probation by their law school. These academic dismissals usually occur after a student has completed their 1L year; however, it can occur even after one semester of law school or during their 2L and 3L year. LST assists these students who come to us by writing a letter to their law school, stating that they signed up to tutor with LST and plan to improve their grades if they are readmitted to their school.

This LST letter is usually accompanied by the law student’s petition or appeal for readmission to the law school, which should also include the student’s personal statement of intent to take proactive steps toward improving their grades. These letters are usually required for the petition or appeal process and they are usually addressed to the law school dean or academic standards committee. Some schools also require other statements from the student, including an explanation of any extenuating circumstances, which may have caused the student to perform poorly during law school. Students may obtain this information from their law school student handbook and from meetings with staff members at their law school.

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