Copy and paste can be a really valuable tool to get through a law school exam, especially if a law student has a lot of issues to answer because they spotted many issues or their professor is particularly known for giving race-horse exams.

For example, in Torts, a law student can easily set up skeletons of IRACs and then copy and paste them for each lawsuit that has a different party. This is particularly helpful if the student is very clear and knows what should be changed if it is copied and pasted.

Having a skeleton gives the student a nice layout to fill out. However, it is important not to copy and paste entire filled-in IRACs because the student can easily fall back on either forgetting to go back and edit the things that are different for that particular law suit or the student can use it as a crutch and purposefully leave things in, but have an entirely wrong analysis with wrong arguments, wrong facts, and even worse, wrong parties.

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