LST – Law School Tutor offers free law school exam tips. Below is a tip for law students to apply to a law school exam:

No matter what grade a law school student received, the student should be sure to set an appointment with each professor to review their exam in person. This helps them learn where they received points on their exam and prevents any repeat mistakes in the future (including assumptions that they received points for a certain technique they used for which the professor did not actually award points).

In addition, law school students should meet with their professors to verify that they did not make an error on their grades. Remember that professors are human and they can make mistakes. For example, a 2.8 was changed to a 3.4 when the student realized the professor did not grade the last page of the exam answer due to an ExamSoft page break and a bottom 5% grade was changed to a top 5% grade when the professor reviewed the grade and noticed the grade was entered incorrectly on the grading chart that was given to the Registrar.

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