It is difficult to predict how you will do on a final exam, based solely on your midterm for the following reasons:

1) there were not enough multiple choice questions or issues on the essay to show the extent of your knowledge and differentiate yourself from the rest of the class

2) the exam may be ungraded and even if your professor gives you an idea of what your grade may have been based on other students’ responses, there still may have been students that either did not take the practice exam or did not take the exam seriously when they decided to answer it

3) the format of the exam may be entirely different from the final (ie the midterm was predominately multiple choice and the final is predominately essay)

4) the midterm and the final will cover entirely different issues, so even if you learned what you did wrong on the issues in the midterm, you have not learned how to properly address the issues that will be on the final

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