Why LST – Law School Tutor Tutors Law Students

Law schools create a very competitive environment for law school students. In law school, students are faced with a tremendous amount of pressure to perform well. Many law schools have a strict grading curve and many of them also require professors to give extremely low grades to the bottom 10% of the class, causing those students to be at risk for being expelled from school. Law school students also come to us for tutoring because they want to obtain or maintain their scholarship in law school and join Law Review.
Law schools do not provide everything a law school student needs in order to perform well in law school. Though law school professors are qualified to teach students the law, they usually use the Socratic method by posing questions to students about textbook case law and codes. This method promotes individual thought. However, the Socratic method focuses on certain cognitive steps and ignores others, including feedback that students may need to understand their personal errors in analysis. Many professors will often pose questions to students about case facts and rationales without properly explaining the actual rules that should be gleaned from the cases.
More importantly, many professors do not explain to students how to be versatile in applying these gleaned rules to different fact patterns, which is an important skill that students must use in law school exams. This process of teaching misleads students into believing that they understand how to properly answer a law school exam. LST – Law School Tutor teaches students how to glean rules and how to apply these rules to various fact patterns through a proper analysis.
Law school students realize that they need a law school tutor. Fortunately, for some students, they become aware of this need before they receive any significant permanent grades from their professors. However, this is not the case for all students. By the time law school students receive grades and they realize that they need law school tutoring services, they received low grades which are permanent and usually worth 50% of their overall GPA for the year. For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

High Grades, Scholarship & Law Review: LST – Law School Tutor Gets Results for Law Students!

Whether a student’s goals are to keep scholarship money, to be invited onto Law Review or just simply improve grades, Law School Tutor can help. Please visit our law school tutor testimonials and law school tutor success stories for information about our results, especially our 1L success.

Active Learning: It’s How LST – Law School Tutor Teaches!

LST – Law School Tutor uses active learning. Most students think that they can do well in law school by attending all of their classes, listening to their professors, taking good notes and memorizing the law. In addition, many students think they will perform well in law school if they performed well in their undergraduate studies or received a high score on the LSAT exam. This is far from the truth. For a student to perform well in law school, he or she must practice. It’s what Law School Tutor calls active learning. Law School Tutor’s services include: teaching course material, administering practice exams and giving extensive feedback, teaching students how to outline, teaching students how to cut down study time, and providing advice on study aids and law school, in general.



How Law Tutoring works with LST – Law School Tutor & What LST Law School Tutor Teaches

LST – Law School Tutor uses the most effective approach in tutoring law students. Our students send us a syllabus for each law school class. We prepare personalized exams for our students. Our students then answer these exams and we provide very detailed feedback to them. LST – Law School Tutor is a great toolbox for law school. With LST’s tools for success, students excel in law school because they learn how to succeed in their law classes and law school exams. These are our steps for success.