My professor offers office hours, why would I still need tutoring?

Most law school professors focus on public policy or theory when teaching students the law and sometimes they will also use this approach when answering students’ questions during office hours. As a result, students may feel that their questions were not appropriately addressed by the law professor. This could be due to the following factors: the professor answered the student’s questions by using general and vague terms, the professor misunderstood which part of the law the student is struggling with, the law professor did not dedicate 100% of his or her attention to the student, the student does not ask the right questions that would trigger a proper response to clarify a particular issue, or the professor explained the law correctly but never demonstrated to the student how they should apply the concept in a law school exam. More importantly, law professors rarely dedicate personal one-on-one attention to individual students by critiquing answers to practice exams.

LST – Law School Tutor handles these issues by properly addressing each student’s questions and critiquing their answers to practice exams.

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