If you are beating yourself up over your personal jurisdiction analysis on your Civil Procedure final or the duty argument you completely missed in Torts, be sure you stop right now.

There is nothing you can do about what you wrote on your exams now that they are finished. For that reason alone, you should cut out the constant rehashing. It wastes your valuable time and has no purpose.

There is no point stressing yourself out over something that already has a fixed outcome. You did your best, and now your exam is out of your hands. Let it go.

Try something useful instead of feeling bad about your law school exam grades. Ruthlessly critique your own study and in-class habits from last semester and ask yourself why you missed what you did on the exam. What could you have done differently? Make a list and fix it. And guess what!? What you think you missed may not be what you actually missed. Sometimes students are wrong about missing issues and actually did just fine.

Did you go to every single lecture, or at least get notes for any unavoidable absences? If not, start there. Did you start outlining soon enough? How was your outline, is there anything you could have changed to make it work better for you? Ahd the most important aspect of your semester – practice exams! What about practice, how many essays did you write out in the months leading up to your exams? If your answer is zero, you have some big potential for improvement and we will help you out with that. LST – Law School Tutor helps students through practice exams every day.

Change your bad habits in law school and start by going to see your professor to review your exam as soon as you get it back. Everyone can benefit from this. Even if you will never have this same professor again, their insights could be very helpful and generally-applicable enough that it could help you on future exams.

Here are some tips to master law school:

Make your own outlines and attack plans, and start them early.
Seek out practice exams from us. We’re the best law tutoring business to properly train students to do well on exams.
Prepare and practice early, memorize later when your final exams occur near the end of the semester.

You only get a very short time before spring semester picks up the pace. And, believe it or not, second semester will probably go even faster than the first one.

LST – Law School Tutor assists students in achieving high grades during law school, in order to ensure that they have better academic opportunities during law school and better job opportunities after law school.

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