Sometimes students create study groups to learn in law school. However, no one in your class knows what they are doing either. We help students get rid of that noise of other students’ chatter and opinions!

Be careful! Some students try to convince themselves they are doing law school right by loudly proclaiming that they understand everything and trying to argue it out with others. This is fine, but it can waste a lot of time in a study group situation.

Your best approach is to take everything any other student says with a grain of salt, particularly other 1Ls, and then go home and figure it out for yourself on your own. If you do not understand a concept, contact us at LST – Law School Tutor.

If you’re going to hash out your ideas and understandings of the cases you are reading with classmates, that can be a fantastic way to learn, but make sure you have some checks in place. If you feel like your study group is a waste of time, it probably is. So do yourself a huge favor and get out early.

LST – Law School Tutor assists students in achieving high grades during law school, in order to ensure that they have better academic opportunities during law school and better job opportunities after law school.

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