Why do law students need a tutor, regardless of the caliber of student?

Though law school professors are qualified to teach students the law, they usually use the Socratic method by posing questions to students about textbook case law and codes. This method promotes individual thought. However, the Socratic method focuses on certain cognitive steps and ignores others, including feedback that students may need to understand their personal errors in analysis. Many professors will often pose questions to students about case facts and rationales without properly explaining the actual rules that should be gleaned from the cases. More importantly, many professors do not explain to students how to be versatile in applying these gleaned rules to different fact patterns, which is an important skill that students must use in law school exams. This process of teaching either causes students to realize that they are uniformed or misleads students into believing that they understand how to properly answer a law school exam. LST – Law School Tutor teaches students how to glean rules and how to apply these rules to various fact patterns through a proper analysis.

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