It should seem very obvious by now; however, there are still some law school students who do not understand why the resources on their law school campus are not enough for true success in legal education.

After all, it took several years for law school professors to realize and admit that their own teaching methods would result in inadequate training 1) for students to pass the bar exam and 2) for graduates to be effective lawyers who are able to practice law.

Studies have shown that bar exam programs do not change the success of a student. What makes the difference is whether the student was dilligent enough to answer many exams during the three years that they were in law school, prior to bar prep. The National Jurist, the magazine for law students, stated that heavy lifting during law school is the best way to train for the grueling bar exam: “passing the bar does not require innate talent or a photographic memory, but it does require a whole lot of hard work during law school.”

And, shockingly enough, law professors did not make an effort to assist students with law school exam preparation. This is why tutoring for law school is so important.

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